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Oman: Freedom of assembly and expression violated during recent popular protests

Popular protests have receded in Oman, after they started in the province of Sohar on 23 May 2021, and spread to the provinces of Salalah, Ibri, Sur, Ibra and Rustaq. The Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) and the Omani Association for Human Rights (OAHR) have documented violations related to the rights to freedom of assembly and expression. The protesters, ...

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Oman: Security forces suppress popular protests demanding job opportunities for unemployed youth

(OAHR) call on the authorities to respect freedom of expression and assembly after protests spread across several areas of the country, and the authorities attempted to restrict the media from reporting about demonstrations. On 23 May 2021, protests erupted in the city of Sohar, which is 234 km north of the capital, Muscat, by unemployed or laid-off Omani youths, who ...

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Oman: Royal Guard disperses peaceful gathering of protesting workers in front of Royal Palace

On 11 April 2021, more than 400 workers, who were temporarily dismissed in March 2020 by BGP Oil and Gas Services, began a peaceful gathering in the green area in front of the Royal Palace in the Governorate of Seeb in Oman. The company claimed they were fired due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the effects of low oil prices, ...

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Dismissed workers, between peaceful protest and riots to claim their rights

Dozens of photos and videos were circulated on social media of hundreds of Omani and expatriate dismissed workers from their jobs in private companies or who have been on the job for months without receiving their salaries. Some of the photos and videos show dozens of workers sabotaging and breaking the headquarter of the Al-Turki company in a state of ...

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