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Oman: Statement on the ban of a book from the Muscat International Book Fair 2019

Statement on the ban of my new book “The Spring of Female Liberals” from the Muscat International Book Fair 2019I have regrettably been informed of the ban and confiscation of my new book about “interviews with female activists” from the 24th Muscat International Book Fair 2019.This book contains a series of dialogues with women activists and human rights defenders from different countries of the world; such as Egypt, Yemen, Kuwait, Bangladesh, the “Amazigh” minorities in Tunisia and the Muslims of Rohingya, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco, Syria and Oman.Documenting the stories of these courageous women who are struggling to empower other women, demand reform, social justice, the elimination of corruption and a dignified life for all. They renounce discrimination and violence. These are principles that all developed societies and the United Nations call for.This narrative of experiences also gives confidence to women. They will realise that they are not alone. This unjust decision to ban the book, which did not violate any law, confirms that the officials in Oman do not respect the freedom of expression.
Habiba Al-Hinai
Berlin 20th February 2019

Over the last few years, the organizing committee of the exhibition has banned dozens of books. The media and writer Suleiman Al-Ma’amari has posted on his Facebook and Twitter pages a list of some (30) banned books.

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