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Basma AlKiyumi: I write in defence of my right!

An article was published on 22 January 2019, at an Omani electronic magazine called “Al Falaq”. written in Arabic by Basma Al Kiyumi; an Omani lawyer, human rights defender and a writer. The article entitled “I write in defence of my right!”, in which she explained the extent of discrimination and harassment she is subjected to in her work, especially in the Omani courts. Al Kayumi was arrested several times including in 2012 during a demonstration demanding the release of human rights detainees at the Omani Internal Security Services and served six months imprisonment. The Omani Penal Code prohibits demonstrating under the article (137) which states:

• In riot rallies
Article (37): Any person who participates in a public place with a special gathering of at least ten persons for the purpose of riot or disturbance of public security shall be punished by imprisonment from ten days to one year or by a fine not exceeding 50 riyals. If he remains entangled after an order has been issued by a member of the authority to disperse and leave.