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A joint Appeal to UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

OAHR and Equality Now, prepared a joint submission letter to CSW 2020. Equality Now is a non profit organisation, its mission to use the law to protect and promote the human rights of women and girls all over the world. The deadline for the NGO’s submission was the July 31, 2020.The CSW Working Group was established by the Human Rights Council at its 15th session in September 2010.The Working Group’s focus is to identify, promote and exchange views, in consultation with States and other actors, on good practices related to the elimination of laws that discriminate against women. The Group is also tasked with developing a dialogue with States and other actors on laws that have a discriminatory impact where women are concerned. Over the years, many constitutional and legal reforms to integrate women’s human rights fully into domestic law have occurred, but there remains insufficient progress. Discrimination against women persists in both public and private spheres in times of conflict and in peace. It is a time to put women’s and girls’ issues around the world front and center, which is often fueled by patriarchal stereotyping and power imbalances which are mirrored in laws, policies and practice. OAHR and Equality Now requests that the Commission call upon Oman to change its discriminatory laws to eliminate and remedy these violation and take decisive legal and policy action to eliminate the harmful practice of FGM. If action has not been taken within one year, Equality Now requests that the Commission refer the matter to the Economic and Social Council with a recommendation that it take action in order to end the persistent pattern of injustice and discrimination against women and girls that sex discriminatory laws constitute and promote.

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